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Airborne-Radar.Com—An Online Course Airborne-Radar.Com is an online course, teaching the use of airborne weather radar. But, it goes beyond use of airborne radar, teaching thunderstorm theory, hazards of thunderstorms, airborne radar theory, and airborne radar techniques. A Final Exam concludes the course, enabling the user to test their knowledge. Airborne-Radar.Com is available to PC and Mac users. Why Airborne-Radar.Com? Most seasoned professional pilots will admit that there has always been a lack of adequate weather radar training. The mantra has always been, "fly the airplane, and figure it out as you go." But, there's no reason to continue with that mindset. Now, Airborne-Radar.Com provides the only source of thorough, interactive, online training on airborne weather radar. The effective use of airborne weather radar is essential to anyone flying radar-equipped aircraft. Numerous aircraft accidents have occurred due to flight crews' inadequate knowledge of thunderstorms and the use of radar. Airborne-Radar.Com helps provide that basis of knowledge. The goal is to provide the best radar training available, to make the pilot confident and knowledgeable about thunderstorm hazards. Real, hands-on interactivity enable the user to move knobs, click buttons, and watch the results to provide the best radar training available. Full audio narration and quizzes make learning easy. Free Airborne-Radar.Com Study Guide You'll receive your free Airborne-Radar.Com Study Guide in the mail with your order. Use this valuable tool to answer questions, write notes, and tracking your learning in your own words. Keep the Study Guide throughout your aviation career as a valuable reference.

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